Merge of Maximum is a digital think tank that specializes in design and usability. We combine effective strategy, best-in-class user experience, stunning visual design, and efficient front-end development to deliver real results.
Since 2013
Abadeu Madyun, Ciara Calbert, Chadd Mason, Kelcey Abney, Jason Johnson, and host of other great creatives.
Merge of Maximum is a team of creative problem solvers at their max! We team together to create solutions across all forms of traditional and digital media. We do it all, from video production to annual reports and brand creation.

Merge of Maximum is a open source agency, we are a team that comes together with an array of talents and skills to organize and accomplish great things for our clients. We operate out of the simple principle that being at one’s max the entire time of the product cycle, we can produce anything with our grand ideas.

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