Our practice balances thinking and doing,empowering us to recommend strategic opportunities and realize impactful solutions.

Merge of Maximum is a team of creative problem solvers at their max! We team together to create solutions across all forms of traditional and digital media. We do it all, from video production to annual reports and brand creation.

Merge of Maximum is a open source agency, we are a team that comes together with an array of talents and skills to organize and accomplish great things for our clients.

Who we are.

Ciara C

Ciara is leading conversations about revenue and how anything in your pipeline can be causeing a clog and how to clear it. She Then goes to find out the best way to get it done. Then Calls Abadeu

Abadeu M

Abadeu usually picks up the phone motivated to answer anything that needs a solution. Strategy i the final form is his ultimate focus and then he gets to visualizing it and seeing it happen. Then he calls Jason

Jason J

Jason can see what it needs to look like and can make it look like that and more. He takes the idea to the Meta Gala of designs and produces well constructed visuals across all mediums

We are capable of
- Ideation and Consulting
- Strategy Development
- Brand Development
- Website Design
- Film Production
- Motion Graphics
- Metaverse VR
- Print Production
- Interactive Design
- Event and Activation Design
- 3D Design
- Murals
- Market Planning
- more...

Here are a few of our friends around the world doing great things.