MRGMXMM speaks with DCA and a host of dope Creatives about Focus

January 17, 2021

We were able today and sit down with a bunch of creatives who make the most out the way they thin, act and do. With a mirad of topics on the point of four, the main touch point was that how one identifies one self at the beginning, from someone else, while in process of, or after a failure, the real key to the closer to the finish of the process you are is your clarity on your reason, determination and actual steps that make ideas actually happen. The ideas that actually happened today was a delicious brunch by, Britney, Some nice infused cocktails from , film and capture by , Audio and podcast by . for The podcast of Patient is a Virtue

We helped a dance studio raise $19K on Kickstarter in 30 days.
When this couple came to us, they wanted to renovate one of DC's most known dance studios. They had the idea of raising $18k on Kickstarter and asked if we can do video to help. We produced three videos for the campaign: the main video, an update, and the last week update. The campaign raised $19K two days before it ended.